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Makeup For The Mature Woman

A Guided Lesson. 

Sunday March 21, 2021 at 4pm AST

Vicky Mina is passionate about beauty for every woman, at every age. Her depth of knowledge and experience means you will be learning from a highly qualified and trusted artist with over a decade of professional experience. On top of that, she is a mature woman herself!

This virtual interactive event will be a live makeup class with limited guests. You will be watching Vicky Mina do makeup and offering step-by-step instruction. Done on the Zoom platform, you will be invited to do your makeup at the same time and Vicky will oversee and offer correction and advice along the way. Tickets are capped and offered on a first come, first served basis. 

Ticket purchasers will be emailed their code for access. 

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for all class members applicable to purchase on vickymina.com