Vicky Mina is a professional and award-winning makeup artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is the founder of Vicky Mina Makeup, a professional makeup brand proudly made in Canada.

Her passion and discovery for makeup started in her teenage years, sneaking makeup on in the school bathroom as her parents disapproved of her wearing it at a young age. Vicky studied economics at university, married at a young age, and started a professional career in banking. After a notable tenure working as a relationship manager and financial planner, Vicky took a career life hiatus to be a full-time mother of her three beautiful children.

Sixteen years ago, in the early days of Youtube, her teenage passion was rediscovered after watching another makeup artist's video tutorial. This moment changed her life and was the beginning of what would become a successful career. Vicky started playing around with makeup and developing her profound talent, recreating looks shared across internet platforms and putting her own touch on them. This led to posting her looks online anonymously. Eventually, the hobby pivoted to a career when a family member discovered the photos of the makeup and asked why she was not pursuing this as a career. Finally letting go of the intimidation holding her back, Vicky began posting her work on Facebook under her own name. The rest is history.

Early in her career as a professional makeup artist Vicky knew she wanted to create her own line. There was a gap that needed to be filled. From mixing her own colours to going through product formulas that were hard to work with, the current solutions were not delivering. It was this experience that led to the development of her own makeup line, providing her clients with products that are highly pigmented, super blendable, luxurious, easy to use and affordable.

Vicky perceives makeup as a tool to empower women to live their best lives. Her customers are women of all ages looking for simple and effective techniques delivered with quality products. Through her social media channels, she has built a community of women and is passionate about openly sharing her confidence, tips and tricks in the interest of helping others. After years of developing skills in the beauty industry, she intends to continue educating her brand community and bringing forward products that deliver results.